About Us



 The MFSC concept was first conceived in 2015.  Its initial objective was to pursue authorization and funding to establish a commissary in the Metro Atlanta area, a location with an estimated 400,000 eligible commissary users but no facility within 100 miles.  


In May 2016, a successful pilot program was launched in conjunction with DeCA, the Georgia National Guard and the Cobb Chamber Foundation, Inc. in order to test the effectiveness and the usefulness of a Metro Atlanta based support center. The first commissary center opened in May 2016. Funding for this commissary was achieved through federal and state grants as well as the donation of materials, expertise and labor by numerous individuals. This pilot commissary proved to be a tremendous success serving over 24,000 patrons that first year despite only being open approximately 3 days each month. 


In 2017, the MFSC officially formed with the intent to be a permanent, independent organization.  Funding for the MFSC continues to present a challenge.  Unfortunately due to government budgetary cuts, only about one-half of the necessary funding was provided for the MFSC. 




The vision for the MFSC is to fill the gap in Georgia to our active and retired service members and their families where once promised government services are no longer available.  The MFSC was established to operate a commissary and other much needed services through a private-public arrangement with Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA), the Georgia National Guard, and the Cobb Chamber Foundation in Metro Atlanta, an area with 400,000 eligible participants.  Currently, the MFSC is open once a month.  Long term, the MFSC seeks to partner with the private sector to make services available on a daily basis.  



The sacrifice of serving in the armed forces is often considered one the greatest commitments that a person can make, but this sacrifice is often quickly forgotten. Active military and retired military are repeatedly underserved, or no longer provided, some of the basic services that they were promised, especially once their military career ends.