Anyone is interested in donating, please contact Randy Hyde or 770.859.2340. Donations in any amount are accepted and can be mailed to the MFSC c/o the Cobb County Chamber Foundation, Inc. at P.O. Box 671868,  Marietta, GA 30006-0032


Unfortunately due to government budgetary cuts, only about one-half of the necessary funding was provided for the MFSC.  This occurrence, and the concern that additional budget cuts in future years could further diminish funding for the MFSC, has lead the organization to seek private funding support.


Obtaining the necessary funding for the next year is the initial goal, but the ultimate goal is to establish a permanent endowment fund through donations to help ensure that the commissaries and other services of the MFSC remain open and available to our military and their families. 


Moreover, finding partners that are willing to support the organization not only financially but also through product and services offerings is an essential objective for the success and growth of the MFSC. By obtaining the necessary funding and partners, the MFSC would then have the stability required to pursue additional offerings outside of just the standard commissary offerings. Setting up different weekly events and partnering with different local organizations such as sports teams or physical training locations would be just two of many different possibilities.