The Military Family Support Center of Georgia, LLC (“MFSC”) supports military families (active and retired) by providing access to affordable goods and services essential for daily needs. It was formed as a public/private partnership by the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA), the Georgia National Guard, and the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce Foundation.


Scope of Need*

  • No commissary within 100 miles of Atlanta per 2015 Base Realignment and Closure Act (“BRAC”)
  • 118,683 active, reserve and DOD personnel resided in GA as of June, 2017 (6th Largest in US); counting family members, the number rises to 276,531
  • 82.3% of active military is enlisted (E1-E9) with $32,673 Avg. Income (US Poverty Line: $24,600) 
  • 700,000 veterans live in GA as of 2016 (9th Largest in US); 350,000 veterans live in metro Atlanta
  • $12.6 billion is the estimated annual economic impact of military to GA

*(SOURCES: US Defense Manpower Data Center, US Dept. Veteran Affairs, US Dept. Health Human Services, NCSL and US Census)

Key Statistics

  • MFSC first opened in 2016 at location adjacent to Dobbins Air Base. (See address below).
  • $2.3 million in sales and served 21,000 patrons since MFSC opened. 
  • MFSC open three (3) days / month, typically a Thurs., Fri. and Sat. near mid-month.
  • Authorized shoppers governed by Department of Defense and include active duty, Guard and Reserve members, military retirees, Medal of Honor Recipients, 100% disabled, and authorized family members.  (See following page for ID cards required for entry).
  • Like with DeCA commissaries, MFSC patrons purchase items at cost + 5% surcharge, which helps to cover DeCA’s operating costs for sales labor, inventory overhead and on-site equipment.




Military Family Support Center
1901 Terrell Mill Road, Marietta, Georgia (Next to Burlington Coat Factory).
Questions? Call Randy Hyde at 770.859.2340